Christoph Esslinger


Founder & Managing Director at

Information Technology and Services

Munich, Germany

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My Knowledge Level
AI in the Internet of Things Brand Engagement Brand Implementation Brand Strategy Co-Branding / Brand Partnerships
My Personal Interests
AI in the Internet of Things Computer Vision Deep Learning Machine Learning Natural Language Processing
My Job Priorities
Voice Assistant Software Development Voice User Interfaces AI in the Internet of Things Algorithmic Game Theory and Computational Mechanism Design Computer Vision

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Elevator Pitch

I am a conversational AI evangelist and Founder of With my team of voice architects, linguists, and conversational AI developers, I have supported major international clients in building their own conversational AI frameworks as well as leveraging existing platforms like Alexa or Google Assistant. I strongly believe in the power of good conversations and my vision is to put the charisma into conversational AI.


July 2016 - Present

Founder & Managing Director