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"The conference organization, the program and topics as well as the speakers have been on the highest quality level. I'm looking forward to continuing to be present at future Business events. A big thanks to World Class Business Leaders for the great work!"

Daniel Kruse, President, European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA)

"The content and the format of the conference were optimal to engage, learn and share our thoughts. It was my pleasure to participate and contribute. Looking forward to having more fruitful conferences like this one, of course, in person!"

Jelena Drazic, Senior Manager Global Workplace, Native Instruments

"A successful participation in the conference with positive feedback of my team. Thank you for organizing it - so great!"

Stefanie Schumann - European Product Manager

"Case studies of how to transform corporations into digital operations. The attendees were also very hands on and provided good networking opportunities. Very well organized!"

Christian Filipcic - Director Global Equipment Customer Service & eCommerce

"I made very nice and valuable contacts and had exciting discussions between and after the presentations and even with topics I already knew, I received new and interesting input."

Katinka Drost - Teamleader E-Commerce Customer Service

"The connections I have made at this conference wouldn't have been possible without the option of really deeply interacting with all these people."

Deepak Anand - Chief Executive Officer

"I liked the event very much - the speakers were very high class and I had great conversations with other participants and I generated valuable business contacts."

Anett Hötzel - Head of Digitalization

"The conference was organised well, on time, and ran smoothly. The round table format was particularly great, allowing for in-depth discussion. The Think Tank is a great post-conference tool."

Daphne Coates - Intelligent Connected Operations Manager

"The high quality of the speakers and their exciting pesentations was very remarkable! The event offers excellent networking opportunities."

Alfred Lief - Head of Global R&T Cooperation

"Great learnings from the best practices of other companies to apply at our projects. The setup of networking and discussion rounds really make it easy to get connected with valuable business contacts."

Roman Neumann - Digital Transformation Manager

"I was very impressed by the program, presenters, organization and logistics on site! Great job!"

Robert Libbey - Head of Digital & Social Communications

"Thanks for putting on a great conference. The program was great and the crowd was excellent. I learned a lot and hopefully, others could learn from my experience as well."

Peter Ferm - IT Sustainability Expert

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